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 [Guide] How To Make Custom Sprays For CS 1.6

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PostSubject: [Guide] How To Make Custom Sprays For CS 1.6    Sat Aug 21, 2010 3:22 am

This will show you how to create a Spray and set it as your default Spray in Counter Strike 1.6 or Condition Zero.


1.) Decal Converter v1.3
2.) An Image you want to use as your spray.
3.) Of course, the game Counterstrike 1.6 or Condition Zero.

How To Make:
1.) Download the Decal Converter v1.3


2.) Open up the Decal Converter you just downloaded.
3.) Look on the top left tab that says [File].
4.) Select it and go down to [Open Picture].
5.) Your screen should now look like this.

6.) Once you have your picture open, if you want to make your spray the biggest it can be, click the Max button next to Width or Height.
7.) If your picture has a solid background and you want the background of your picture to be transparent (see-through), click the [Replace] button at the bottom. It should already be set as the BG color. Once you click it, the background should turn blue.

8.) Once that is done, you have to change the image to your decal. At the top of the screen, go to [Decal], then down to [Make Decal].
9.) Click the bar, and move it down to the Desktop, since its the easiest place to store the file. Click [Add] then click [Ok].

10.) Go to your Desktop, and find a file named [pldecal.wad] Right click the icon, and go down to [Properties]. Once your there, chance the name from pldecal.wad to tempdecal.wad. After that, click the box that says [Read-Only] next to it. After that, click [Apply] and then [Ok].

11.) After that, open up the file [C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\<Your>\Counter-Strike\Cstrike] and move the file from your desktop to that Cstrike file.
12.) If you want to make a spray for CZ, do the same step in steps 11, but move it to this folder: [C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\<Your>\Condition Zero\Czero]
13.) After your done, go into the game, find a server and test out your spray.

Source: http://forum.garena.com/showthread.php?290-Guide-How-To-Make-Custom-Sprays-For-CS-1.6
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[Guide] How To Make Custom Sprays For CS 1.6
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