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 Basic of Cs 1.6 for newbies

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Basic of Cs 1.6 for newbies Empty
PostSubject: Basic of Cs 1.6 for newbies   Basic of Cs 1.6 for newbies I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 07, 2010 1:50 pm

What is Half-Life and What is Counter Strike,
Half-Life is the actual platform of the game and its modifications are Counter Strike, Day of Defeat, Natural Selection etc...

What is the difference between CS1.6 and CZero or CSCZ,
CS1.6 is a Mod for Half-Life and So is CZero but the difference isdevelopment of the game. Very similar to development of source version,this too is a version of the game.

What are AMX Mod X, Clan Mod, and Admin Mod,
Theseare the administration tools for administrating the game server easily.These are to be used by the Server Administrator and other need notworry about these.

What is Console and what are Commands,
Commandsare sent to the server to change something in the game. Console is thewindow from which these commands can be sent to the server. AMX Mod X,Admin Mod and other mods help the administrators minimise their effortin giving these commands.

What is HLDS,
HLDS is the dedicatedserver for any Mod of Half-Life. Listen server is one which can bestarted by a user directly joining in the game.

What is HLTV,
HLTVis an application which lets the users around the world to see a ClanGame or a League Match live through the Internet. This helps inincreasing the number of spectators. The HLTV joins the game as aspectator does, but it will show some 1000 more players the same game.This HLTV has a with or without delay kind of option too.

What is Rcon,
Rconis remote control for the console running in one computer to control itfrom another computer. For this the rcon password entered in the twocomputer must be same, and the client can control the server console.

All Credit Goes TO THe author !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ThaNk U !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Basic of Cs 1.6 for newbies Empty
PostSubject: Re: Basic of Cs 1.6 for newbies   Basic of Cs 1.6 for newbies I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 20, 2010 7:00 am

Yaar KEep it uP nyce......
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Basic of Cs 1.6 for newbies
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