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  How to know if the guy is hacking.

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 How to know if the guy is hacking. Empty
PostSubject: How to know if the guy is hacking.    How to know if the guy is hacking. I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 09, 2010 2:11 am


ok i want you all to tell us different ways of how to know when the guys is hacking.fromwht i have learnt is

AIMBOT: =Having Your Cursor Locked at the enemy. you dont need to see the mouse shaking...sometimes it dont shake and not all kills are headshots...the aimbots can be customised to shoot the chest and not the head but you can see it anyway because when the hacker comes out he can point anywhere and he ll get a kill anyway...thats the same with the spray if they spray and kill everyone in front keep an eye on him but dont ban him right away...just keep an eye and record if you continue seeing this and if you record it 2 or 3 times ban him but try to record that things more than once...if you have more proofs then keep him banned

WALLHACK: Seeing Enemies through walls = wallhack...some spots are common spots for campers and some people prefire there before appearing into view...and there is the oposite case where the camper shoots everyone that wallks near...that can be detected by sound...try to get long distance wallhacks...that cant be detected by sound...so if you see someone that comes out and start shooting where an enemy is without seeing him or he comes out pointing exactly where the enemy is it may be wallhack...you still need to record a little bit to be sure because luck can always be there too but not always

Take this in account before banning too...that make sure you make a demo and this goes for all as if the person who was banned makes an unban appeal and no proof(demo)is available proving his guilt he will be unbanned and will countinue to spoil the fun for all the server players.

Source: http://gg-fpspk.forumotion.com/cs16-guides-f5/how-to-know-if-the-guy-is-hacking-t38.htm
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How to know if the guy is hacking.
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